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​​Scandic Living Pte Ltd was launched in 2015 with the idea that local and international Singaporeans should have a lifestyle brand destination that rivals any in superior handcraft and dedication to quality. Consequently Scandic Living opened the first Lexington Concept Store at Dempsey Hill in Singapore in January/2016. Lexington launched its first collection of home design products in 1997. Taking its influence from the New England way of living, Lexington introduced the focus on seasons in its home design range, introducing new designs for every Summer, Sprint, Fall, and Holiday seasons. Since 2008 Lexington has also introduced "Casual Luxury" apparel for men and women, as well as wide array of home decor items to complement the rest. Today Lexington is present in 24 countries with more than 900 retail locations.  

About Us

Says the owners of Scandic Living Pte Ltd, Mette Irene and Kjetil Aaboe. "By launching the first Lexington Concept Store in the whole of South East Asia, at 26 Dempsey Road at Dempsey Hill in Singapore, we have placed ourselves among the most upscale stores and the best five-star dining for lunch or dinner, ever found in Singapore. We were certain that both local and international residents of Singapore would receive Lexington with open arms, and after just 5 months of business in Singapore, we are seeing the good signs that this is indeed the case."

At Scandic Living Pte Ltd we have a great experience of helping brands to open up shop in Singapore. 

We welcome any international brand with an ambition to launch in Singapore and South East Asia to contact us for a discussion. We will be able to help you all the way."

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